Friday, 18 July 2014

How People Can Get The Most out of Regular Family Dentistry Visits

A lot of people dread going to a dental clinic for a checkup because of the unbearable pain that they might experience. Well, checkups and teeth cleaning are not supposed to be painful so experiencing pains during clinical visits should be taken as a sign to find another doctor of dental science to work on keeping that pearly white set of teeth healthy.

With that issue cleared up, Americans can now focus on what is important: getting and maintaining healthy mouths and even getting the most out of dental checkups. Like any other health care service, dental medicine is important to promote a clean and safe lifestyle. Dentist services are actually recommended as early as when people turn one year of age as this prevents complications and immediately addresses concerns before they worsen.

Regular family dentistry visits help in getting and keeping a healthy mouth and these do not involve any pain at all (unless the dental visit includes an extraction procedure or a root canal). A qualified doctor of dental medicine will be performing a good 30 to 45 minutes of thorough teeth cleaning during checkups. This is done to remove plaque that tooth brushing may have missed and will also prevent dirt from penetrating the gums.

Cleaning is usually followed with a comprehensive check on every tooth to see cavity formations or other problems that need immediate attention like dental fractures. People should also take the initiative to tell their dentist about certain discomforts they feel in their mouth, if any. Checkups work best when patients give their inputs to their dental professionals and will result in better service and a healthier lifestyle.

 Dental patients should also ask dentists for tips on brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash during their regular checkups. This clears up misconceptions and even guides people on how to properly care for their mouth. Dental doctors would even recommend products like toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash that suits the needs of their patients. Checkups should not be limited to addressing problems, but also cover the prevention of problems from occurring.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Public Should Only Let Professionals Do Teeth Whitening Procedures

A set of pearly white teeth is probably one of the most coveted physical features that everyone wants to have. And who wouldn’t want one of those as it shows complete cleanliness and even gives people an extra boost of self-confidence. Because of this, a lot are turning to a variety of options like going to spas and even buying non-FDA tested products just to have a sparkling smile.

The public should realize that having white teeth is the best sign of a healthy mouth and cannot be achieved without addressing dental issues such as cavities, plaque, and discoloration. No amount of spa treatments or application of possibly dangerous products can result in glistening white teeth that are healthy inside and out. This is the reason why the public should only let dental professionals do teeth whitening procedures on them as they will address underlying oral problems and not just the aesthetic aspects of the mouth.

People should also be aware that whitening is not a one-time procedure and will need to be repeated from time to time to maintain the bright color that patients prefer. This procedure involves the uses of tools that only a qualified dentist is trained to use. More than that, chemicals and whitening products employed are strictly FDA-controlled so that only dental professionals are allowed to use them.

Though cosmetic in nature, this does not mean that the whitening procedure should not address damage that the teeth has sustained over time like the effects of caffeine intake and smoking. This simply means that the process should be undertaken for a greater purpose than beauty and only doctors of dental science are proven to be competent to serve a purpose besides making beautiful smiles.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Are Nanodiamonds the Future of Grandville Family Dental Services?

Primarily intended for use in dental implants, nanodiamonds have kicked open the doors of nanotechnology (the technological use of microscopic materials) as the new marvel not only in dentistry, but also across the wide domain of medicine.

Further research are underway to dig deeper into the uses and significance of this discovery. In the meantime, Grandville family dental professionals, such as those from Metro Dental Associates, are primed for any breakthroughs in cosmetic and emergency dentistry.

Monday, 30 June 2014

Grandville MI Dentist: Pregnancy at Risk Due to Poor Dental Hygiene

The potential connection between oral health and overall physical well-being isn't an entirely new concept, and research results thus far have been reinforcing this link, a finding that any Grand Rapids dental professional and physician would bolster. Heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and pneumonia are among the most common conditions linked to bad oral hygiene, prompting the dental and medical scientists into a collaboration for further studies.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Experienced Kentwood, MI Dentist: Top Athletes Have Poor Oral Health

Olympians and all other top-caliber athletes are the epitome of the maximum physical potential of the human body. However, while they may have bodies fit for gods, any experienced dentist in Kentwood, MI and other locales would have given them an F in one vital aspect of physical health - oral hygiene.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Emergency Dental Care Tips your Dentist in Wyoming, MI would Recommend

In large Michigan cities like Wyoming, dental emergency can strike just about anywhere, from the sports field to the ice cream shop - whatever may be the case, there is always something that can be done before going to the pros. In short, before you go and call on your trusted Wyoming, MI dentist to fix your toothache or a chipped tooth , there are some first-aid tips on emergency dental care that you might want to try first.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Are Dental Implants Right for You? Read this Article to Find Out!

It can be argued that dental implants are the best treatment that you can get from your favorite dentist. After all, they are permanent, functional, and natural-looking; essentially as close as you’ll ever get to having replacement teeth. That said, dental implants are not for everyone and your dentist needs to have a look at you first before he or she even considers you for the procedure:

You must be healthy enough for the procedure. 


Diseases, in general, make you weaker. Considering that a getting a dental implant is an invasive procedure, being sick is more than enough reason for your dentist to say that you’re not ready for it. Some diseases that automatically make you unsuitable for the procedure are osteoporosis, high blood pressure, and arthritis. Heavy smokers aren’t also qualified for the treatment, although those who drink alcohol can be permitted, depending on how they fare in their medical checkup.

An oral exam is also necessary to determine if you’re healthy enough. If you have weak jawbones, for example, then you shouldn’t undertake a dental implant procedure. Otherwise, your teeth and gums won’t heal fast enough.

You must not be pregnant. 


Most dentists discourage pregnant women from getting dental implants for fear that the strain of the procedure will take a toll on their babies. That said, the procedure can still be viable if these women are in the first few weeks of their pregnancy. Consult with your gynecologist to be absolutely certain.

There may be simpler treatments for you. 


If you simply want one tooth replaced, then it may be more appropriate for you to wear a dental crown rather than go through the entire dental implant procedure. This is also the reason why family dentistry practices offer dentures as well as implants because one procedure may be more suitable than the other.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Apt Adults Must Take Their Kids to Reliable Dentists in Grandville, MI

 A child's dental health is important because if neglected, it may take his or her attention away from more important endeavors, such those mentioned in the article. Supporting that is a study done by researchers at Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC, which showed that children with dental caries have poor academic performance.

This is why it is important for parents and caregivers to train their children to take care of their teeth. Encouraging them to eat nutritious meals and incorporating the use of fluoride into their lifestyle helps a lot. Furthermore, Michigan-based households can enlist the aid of a Grandville family dentistry practice.

Some Ways Cosmetic Dentistry Practices Can Help You Out

As much as you want to have perfect teeth at all times, a lot of things can happen to prevent you from reaching that goal. Bad eating habits, unexpected accidents, or even old age are just some of the reasons why you’ll need cosmetic dentistry at some point in your life. Don’t worry, though, because cosmetic dentists can treat your tooth problems in a variety of ways:

Crowns and Bridges

Although these treatments work differently, dental crowns and bridges are both used to hide damaged or deformed teeth. For cavities, chips, or cracks, you’ll be advised to wear crowns, also known as caps, which are designed to fit over your teeth. If you have missing teeth, on the other hand, you’ll be encouraged to wear bridges instead, or prosthetic teeth joined together by two dental crowns.

Dental Implants

Dental implants can provide you with a more permanent solution to your tooth problems, although they’re also the most expensive and time-consuming. In a way, dental implants are essentially dentures that need to be directly installed into your mouth. Done right, these implants can mimic the aesthetics and function of your natural teeth, without you worrying about them falling off like dentures.

Tooth Whitening

If your teeth have become yellowish or badly stained then you’ll definitely need a teeth whitening procedure. Take note that this procedure is more complex, and more effective, than simply brushing your teeth with a fluoride or special whitening toothpaste. This is because in-office whitening treatments also clean the dentin or inner layer of your teeth, rather than just the enamel or outer layer.

Root Canal Therapies

Tooth cavities can lead to infection if left untreated. If you have this problem, then you’ll be obliged to undergo a root canal therapy so that the dentist can remove the infected pulp from your tooth. Depending on how much damage was done by the infection, you may be required to wear dental crowns or have your tooth replaced altogether with a permanent implant.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Grand Rapids Dental Services Keep Teeth Healthy Despite Rapid Trends

Even if oil pulling is proven to work, it is important for people in Central Michigan to understand that visiting their trusted dentist in Grandville, MI is still a necessity. Dental practices like Metro Dental Associates have the equipment, experience, and knowledge to help keep teeth healthy and to prevent potential dental problems from developing.

It is normal for people to try methods that will supposedly help keep their teeth clean. People must remember, however, to keep a steady correspondence with a reliable dentist to understand and separate fact from fiction. After all, it's better to go with what's been tried and proven effective rather than what hasn't.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Stopping Sleep Apnea through Treatment with a Dentist in Kentwood, MI

Sleep apnea can be bothersome, especially if you live in a house whose air circulation is not up to par. When you're an expectant mom, however, the danger to your child is not to be taken lightly. You must seek sleep apnea therapy solutions right away, with your general dentist in Kentwood, MI as a viable option.

 The danger of sleep apnea may hit rather close to home for Kentwood residents. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute reports at least 12 million Americans are diagnosed with some form of sleep apnea. While the disorder affects more men than women, it can be devastating for mothers who've prepared well for their bundle of joy, thus, warranting corrective action through experienced dental practitioners such as the good people at Metro Dental Associates.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Tapping a Dentist in Wyoming, MI for Elderly Oral Healthcare Support

If you've made great effort to look after an elderly loved one at home, you may notice how hard it is for them to eat and brush their teeth, which requires increased assistance from a dentist.

 Petersen and Yamamoto's thoughts may resonate with seniors in Wyoming, MI. A check of the city's 2010 census data reveals that nine percent of the 72,125-strong population were at least 64 years old and around seven percent of the nearly 27,000 households had sole residents at least 65 years old. When your elderly loved ones have been having difficulty with their oral care, a skilled dentist in Wyoming, MI like Metro Dental Associates' Dr. Jason Dew, DDS, is close at hand to help.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Noise Cancellation: A Dental Patient's Friend When the Drill Whirrs

Admit it. You don't like the whirring sound of the dental drill as much as the patient next in line. Spinning at an average of 300,000 rpm, the buzzing sound that fills the dental office is, more often than not, a major source of dental phobia. When your turn to sit on the chair comes, the anxiety grows even more.

Don't worry; dentists clearly understand where you're coming from. The drill isn't exactly the most ideal sound to hear in an office that protects your teeth from diseases, but it isn't the loudest. All the dentist needs is to give his patient a couple of headphones and some music to drown the buzzing sound in tracks of his choice.

Not all dentists have a portable player in the office (for hygiene purposes), but they may allow you to bring your own. Instead of using your headphones, the dentist may provide you with a pair of noise-cancelling headphones to block outside noise. As to the ideal music to play while in the chair, it's up to your preference.

The headphones usually work by producing their own sound waves, matching those of outside sounds. Think of these sound waves as an acidic and basic substance; when the two mix, the result is a neutral solution. The sound waves cancel each other out, blocking the high-pitched sound of the dental drill.

The headphones also come with thick layers of foam that absorb any sound waves that manage to get through. Overall, it has more than enough protection to reduce your anxiety from hearing the whirring drill. However, if this isn't enough to alleviate your fears of the drill, you may want to close your eyes for the duration of the operation.

The sight of the spinning drill may just be as nerve-racking as its sound. Some dentists offer dark glasses for the patient to wear to prevent him from seeing the drill.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Making the Cut for Teeth Whitening Procedures

Teeth whitening is one of the more popular cosmetic dentistry procedures out in the dental services industry today. Who doesn’t want to take care of their teeth and make it shine brighter than HID lights on a bright day? However, you should not perceive the procedure to be an end-all-be-all solution, as there are factors which can render you ineligible – but on the bright side, they can be the push you need to better take care of your teeth.

No Booze, No Smoke or No Procedure


An honest consultation will determine your eligibility for the procedure; long-time drinkers or smokers are generally not good candidates. Smoking already has the potential to wreck the gum line and trigger internal discoloration. Alcoholic drinks, especially pigmented ones, may discolor the teeth so bad that the most effective teeth whitening solutions will not correct them.



Teeth whitening is not an option if you have pre-existing veneers. However, the adjacent teeth that have no veneers on can still be fixed. For consistency purposes, your cosmetic dentist can replace the existing veneers with those that are of the same hue as the newly whitened teeth.

Home Solutions


There are special home whitening kits available on the market. However, be prepared for the possibility that your dentist will not recommend getting them; some products are potent enough to chip away the enamel.

Sporting a megawatt smile will be possible if you can brush regularly and follow your dentist’s advice. It may play a critical role in boosting your confidence.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Bring Back Your Pearly Whites with Various Teeth Whitening Treatments

Your smile is one of your most important assets. Case in point: experts say that your smile influences your chances of getting hitched. 69 percent of all people say that they find women more attractive when they smile. As unbelievable as it sounds, your smile influences people’s first impressions of you. In other words, having yellowish or ugly-looking teeth can have a serious impact on your social life, whether you like it or not. Sadly, human teeth naturally deteriorate over time due to prolonged use, disease, or aging.

This is the biggest reason why teeth whitening procedures are offered by most dentists today, so as to give you a chance at getting your crush's attention or make the moments you spend with your loved one more memorable. However, giving back your pearly whites’ old luster is easier said than done because teeth stains are quite irregular. Plaque, bits of food, and the like that you can find on your teeth can easily be removed because they are only extrinsic in nature, but discolorations caused by minerals like fluoride and tetracycline are intrinsic and reach all the way to your teeth’s enamel.

In-Office Whitening

Dealing with these two types of stains is the specialty of in-office whitening treatments, typically offered by dental practices experienced in cosmetic dentistry. Mouth trays filled with whitening formula are the most common type of in-office whitening available to you, although how they work depends on your dentist. Some dentists may require you to wear these mouth trays for weeks or months, while others insist that you wear them only when you visit their office.

On the other hand, stubborn stains may prove to be too much for simple mouth trays and require a dose of high-concentration peroxide gels. If you have this case of teeth discoloration, you may have to visit your dentist more than once.

Over-the-Counter Whitening

Whitening toothpastes and gels are also sold commercially and they are perfect for you if you simply don’t have the time to pay your dentist a visit. However, over-the-counter whiteners are not as effective in-office treatments. In addition to that, some of these products may even be harmful to your teeth without your dentist’s supervision.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Reputable Dentists in Grandville, MI Aid Kids in Keeping Strong Teeth

 If your child is proving to be an extremely difficult ‘customer’ to deal with when oral hygiene is at play, you should not worry. There are many parents who find it tough to get their toddlers to take dental health seriously.

One good way to maintain the oral health of your children is to take them to reputable dentists in Grandville, MI, but a WebMD article tackles several ways to help your tot ensure his dental health.

 The article also takes note of things that your child should avoid ingesting to promote a healthy set of teeth, such as avoiding juice as much as possible, except for the recommended dose of 100% natural juice per day. Instilling these habits in your child, alongside the assistance of a Grandville family dentistry practice, is going to affect different aspects of his life in a positive way.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Avoid Serious Health Issues with Regular Grand Rapids Dental Checkups

People understand the importance of keeping good oral hygiene habits to a healthy and functional mouth. Many Grand Rapids dental professionals are encouraging their patients to brush and have dental checkups more often.

People who lack proper oral care are bound to gain gum disease, which triggers coronary heart disease. Another problem that people with poor oral hygiene have to deal with is the possibility of having unstable sugar levels, which is bad for people who are afflicted with diabetes. It also becomes harder for women to conceive a child if they have poor oral health.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Tips from Your Kentwood, MI Dentist: Top Foods for Great Oral Health

Chewing gum helps increase the production of saliva, which is your body’s natural defense against plaque buildup. At the same time, constantly chewing gum tricks your body into thinking you are actually eating something. Experienced dentists in Kentwood, MI like Dr. Jason Dew, DDS advise that you stick with sugar-free gum to avoid exposing your teeth to excess sugar.

Although these options help keep your teeth strong, do not think that they can be used as a substitute to brushing and flossing. The benefits of these foods are best combined with proper oral hygiene. To guarantee healthy teeth for years to come, be sure to follow this advice and to see a dentist in Kentwood, MI every six months for regular cleaning.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Why Helpful Implant Dentistry is More than Just for Perfect Smiles

Admittedly, missing teeth are incredibly unsightly; it might not detract much from a person’s appearance, yet a gap in someone’s smile can certainly draw unwarranted attention. The awkwardness caused by such gaps can even be a source of shame, and can lower an individual’s self-confidence. Fortunately, those suffering from missing teeth have the option to install dental implants to fill in the blanks.

Implant dentistry procedures can supply patients with new teeth that complete their smiles. While largely cosmetic in function, dental implants have other benefits that patients should consider, such as:

Implants improve hygiene and health

Gaps in a person’s smile can severely affect the remaining teeth. The bone located at the root of the space incrementally reabsorbs material, causing nearby teeth to shift and move towards the space; such awkward teeth formations can make brushing more difficult. By installing an implant over the space, this movement can be stopped.

Implants prevent further procedures

Dental implants can easily replace a single missing tooth without having to affect other teeth. This makes them significantly better than dental bridges, which requires the modification of two adjacent teeth in order to anchor the artificial teeth into a space. Folks who want to keep most of their natural remaining teeth will be served well by implants.

Implants feel more natural vs. dentures

Unlike dentures, which are designed to be easily removable, dental implants are secured via titanium anchors rooted at the jaws of the patient for a rock-solid link. Thus, patients can chew with their implants without fear of loosening the parts. Such links also give implants a more natural look that’s nearly indiscernible from natural teeth.

Although the installation of dental implants is handled by cosmetic dentistry professionals, patients are encouraged to view the procedure as more of a general dentistry process that confers useful benefits (or restores functionality). Implants have a number of features beyond aesthetics that patients are sure to appreciate. Those with missing teeth should seriously consider getting implants in order to enjoy a smile that looks and performs just as well as the real deal.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Adept Grandville Dentist Lists Down Habits that Lead to Ruined Teeth

 Each dental appointment you skip gives cavities and other dental problems time to get worse. Even delaying an appointment by a month can lead to serious problems. That said, you should see your dentist in Wyoming, MI every six months for routine cleaning.

Oral health should be one of your priorities, especially since poor oral hygiene has been linked to heart diseases. The moment you suspect that there is something wrong with your teeth, do not delay seeing a trusted Grandville dentist like Dr. Jason Dew, DDS.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Dentists in Grandville, MI Use Innovative Ways to Lessen Patients' Anxiety

When it comes to receiving local anesthesia, the team at Metro Dental Associates knows that many patients do not like shots. As such, they add the Onpharma Onset pH buffer in their anesthetics to help remove the sting from shots. To further decrease the sting of the injections, they add an anesthetic warmer in order to raise the temperature of anesthetic liquid to match a person's normal temperature.

Moreover, to see to it that patients remain at ease while in the dental chair, they offer them oral medication for light sedation. They also offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas), with no extra charge. This measure reduces patients' anxiety but keeps them fit for activity afterward.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Grand Rapids Dental Practice Provides Comprehensive Dentistry Services

Wyoming, Michigan (March 3, 2014) — Metro Dental Associates, a noted Wyoming and Grand Rapids dental practice, is providing comprehensive dentistry services. With a state-of-the-art facility featuring a comfortable visitors' room, Metro Dental Associates is ready to meet a wide variety of patient needs. 

The practice performs cleaning, teeth whitening, complex diagnosis, extractions, and full-mouth rehabilitation, as well as esthetic, cosmetic, periodontal, restorative, and endodontic treatments. They offer complete and partial dentures, crowns and brides, and dental implants, among others.  They offer treatments for TMJ Disorder and sleep apnea.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Dentist in Kentwood, MI Provides Fully Integrated Implant Solutions

Wyoming, Michigan (March 7, 2014) – Dr. Jason Dew, a renowned dentist in Kentwood, MI, and his team at Metro Dental Associates are offering an extensive line of dental implant solutions to meet each patient's restoration needs and requirements. Their practice in Wyoming, also in Kent County, provides patients with two of the leading implant systems in the world: the CAMLOG® and the Zimmer®.

Dental implants act as replacements for tooth roots and provide a strong foundation for replacement teeth. Designed to look and feel like natural teeth, they are made from biocompatible materials and are inserted into the jaw bone. Only patients with general good health and adequate bone mass in the jaw are suited for receiving dental implants.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Wyoming, MI, Uses CEREC 3D Machine for Digital Impressions

Wyoming, Michigan (March 4, 2014) – Dr. Jason D. Dew, a renowned dentist in Wyoming, MI, is working to make the experience of making dental impressions a lot more pleasant. With their own CEREC 3D machine, his team at Metro Dental Associates can make impressions of a patient’s mouth without having to use traditional techniques that employ foul-tasting dental impression materials and uncomfortable impression trays.

Three-dimensional digital impression machines allow dentists to make 3D models of a patient’s mouth, or a portion of the mouth, and display them on a computer screen. This allows dentists to see and measure the unique features of the patient’s mouth for use in creating dentures, preparing fillings, planning surgeries, and aiding a number of other procedures.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

The Importance of Dental Hygiene

Just Keep Smiling: How can you make your Pearly Whites stay White?

Your teeth are an important asset when it comes to overall looks – who can say no to a glimmering set of pearly whites that just screams beautiful? However, unbeknownst to many, certain everyday practices (even something as routine as having a nice cup of coffee) could discolor your teeth. Prevent it from happening by trying out these tips to keep your teeth white:

Drop that Dark Liquid!

Coffee, black tea, wine, cola and even gravy are common culprits for discoloring teeth, so you might want to consider consuming these at a minimum. When you have to drink them, though, just make sure to brush your teeth immediately.

Change your Brush

Don’t use the exact same toothbrush for months on end – no matter how careful you might be about storing it, it will still collect bacteria. Not only will you be risking turning your teeth yellow, but the germs could even give you dental or periodontal diseases. Your brush should be replaced at least once every three months.

Eat White

While many food and drinks will discolor your teeth, the great thing is there are also many that works to keep them clean as you eat them. In general, you should occasionally munch on firm or crisp foods like celery, raw carrots, and even good ol' popcorn.

Another great way to get a white, clean set of choppers of course is to have your teeth whitened by the dentist. While you’re making the effort to keep your teeth clean, remember that you should still maintain a healthy routine of proper oral care practices.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Maintaining New Dental Implants at Home

Keeping New Teeth: Your Guide to Caring for Dental Implants at Home

Lost a tooth recently? It’s really not at all uncommon for many people to suffer tooth decay, gingivitis, or even force trauma (athletes face this particular problem quite often). What most dentists you visit will recommend when you do get a tooth chipped or removed, is dental implant surgery – the thing is, this procedure will only work for you if you know how to properly care for it as part of your new daily dental hygiene routine.

Swelling after Surgery

Right after the procedure, you might notice some swelling around the part of your face where the implant has been put up – don’t worry though, this is something to be expected in most surgical procedures. Your dentist will most likely prescribe some antibiotics for you, so make sure to take it as instructed to abate the swelling.

Brush and Floss

Don’t skimp on brushing and flossing your teeth as regularly as you should, especially now that you have an implant to take care of. Make sure that you thoroughly brush around your abutments, preferably using a small, bent brush to reach all around the fixture.

Checkups and Cleanings

You should regularly keep your dentist up to date on how your new implants are working out for you, and make sure to report anything that you feel is out of the ordinary. Regular checkups and cleaning sessions should also help ensure that your implants will restore your teeth’s function and smile.

Ultimately, caring for dental implants is a step up from your usual dental hygiene practices, but it is one that you can easily get used to should you choose to make the effort. Nevertheless, you don’t have to be in a dire need for implants before you begin to see the importance of proper oral care.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Dentists in Grandville, MI Set Up Online Dental Education Library

 Metro Dental Associates, a group of highly reputable dentists in Grandville, MI, has set up an Online Dental Education Library to further help patients improve their overall health. At present, the said page features different links to resources that focus on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of conditions affecting the teeth and gums.

Among the resources are links to the websites of the American Dental Association (ADA) and Michigan Dental Association (MDA), as well as Know Your Teeth, which is run by the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD). Each website contains numerous patient education resources that are available for public use.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Noted Grand Rapids Dental Practice Provides State-of-the-Art Services

Metro Dental Associates, one of the leading Wyoming and Grand Rapids dental practices, provides state-of-the-art facilities, high-tech equipment, and customized services to cater to their clients' unique individual needs. With a personal touch, the team ensures that each patient is given quality service and every comfort whenever they visit the practice.

Metro Dental Associates boasts of an on-site dental ceramics laboratory, a computerized patient records system, complete digital x-ray and intraoral photo tools, and modern sterilization and infection control methods. Aside from these medical equipment, they have private rooms with televisions that offer a relaxed and comfortable environment to patients.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Dentist in Kentwood, MI Offers Premium Dental Treatments and Services

Dr. Jason Dew of Metro Dental Associates is offering premium dental treatments and services for patients who require a higher level of care and attention. Through the practice's offerings, the renowned dentist in Kentwood, MI provides a different kind of experience for their patients, which sets them apart from other practices.

There are patients who suffer from various types of dental problems and ailments that can no longer be treated using regular procedures. Furthermore, some patients have dental fear and experience other forms of discomfort whenever they visit the dentist. These cases require special equipment and procedures that specifically address the dental conditions and assist the patients to ensure a smooth and successful treatment.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Dental First Aid

Most people know basic first aid for the usual injuries like bumps and scrapes. But what about dental first aid? Dental emergencies do occur and more often than one would think which is why it pays to know the necessary steps to deal with some of the more common issues.

Bitten Lip or Tongue

The most immediate concern in these cases is to stem the bleeding by applying direct pressure on the injury with a clean cloth. A cold compress will help bring down any swelling if present. If the injury does not stop bleeding within 15 minutes, seek professional medical attention.

Chipped-Off Broken Tooth

Gently clean the injured area with warm water. This will get rid of any dirt that may further irritate or infect the tooth. Minimize the exposure of the damaged tooth to air and cold liquid by covering it with a sterile gauze. Keep any swelling under control by applying a cold compress. If a nerve is exposed, take the patient to a dentist immediately.

Knocked-Out Tooth

Immediately locate the knocked-out (avulsed) tooth. Make sure it hasn't been driven up into soft tissue. Handle the loose tooth by the top portion or crown. If the tooth is dirty, gently rinse it with running water. DO NOT scrub or scrape the tooth or use alcohol to remove dirt. Place the tooth in a cup of milk or if unavailable, a cup of cool water. It is important to take the patient to the dentist within 30 minutes.

Remember that the goal of first aid is to just minimize pain and injury until the patient can be taken to the doctor. These procedures cannot replace proper treatment that only a qualified medical professional can provide.

Dentist in Grandville, MI Offers a Wide Range of Services for All Ages

Dr. Jason Dew of Metro Dental Associates is offering comprehensive dental care for children and adults. Through extensive experience and state-of-the-art equipment, the trusted dentist in Grandville, MI performs a wide range of treatments and procedures, including the more complex and sensitive ones.

Children and adults experience different kinds of dental problems and concerns, which are sometimes taken lightly until they escalate into something serious. Though some can be treated in a single session, others require multiple sessions and could take several hours to complete. These cases require focused attention and some of the latest dental technologies to ensure the success of treatment.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Top Food and Drink Dental Offenders

We've always been told as children that eating candy will give us cavities. As adults, have you ever stopped to wonder if there are any other foods that are harmful for your teeth?

Much as we may hate to admit it, our parents were right when they said that candy is bad for the teeth. Sweets are some of the top cavity-causing foods. This is because of their sugar content. Sugar makes the mouth more acidic which over time wears away at your teeth enamel. In addition, chewy sweets like dried fruit (yes, even fruit) and chewy candies can get stuck in between the teeth feeding cavity-causing bacteria.

Just like the chewy sweets, starchy foods are also potent bacteria fodder. Firstly because they, too, can easily get lodged in between teeth. Secondly, because starch converts into sugar as it is broken down by the enzymes in the mouth. This means cutting back on potato chips, fried, soft breads, al dente pasta and even crackers to keep your teeth healthy.

If you want to keep your teeth bright and clean, you have to avoid acidic foods and beverages. This group of dental offenders include soda, citrus fruits and juices, pickles and sports drinks. The acidity of these foods and drinks wear away at the teeth's enamel, leaving them susceptible to cavities as well as staining.

Of course, a well-balanced diet is crucial for your overall health and the best rule of thumb is always moderation. Understanding the effects of the food you eat will help you make the right choices to help you maintain a healthy and active life.