Thursday, 10 April 2014

Why Helpful Implant Dentistry is More than Just for Perfect Smiles

Admittedly, missing teeth are incredibly unsightly; it might not detract much from a person’s appearance, yet a gap in someone’s smile can certainly draw unwarranted attention. The awkwardness caused by such gaps can even be a source of shame, and can lower an individual’s self-confidence. Fortunately, those suffering from missing teeth have the option to install dental implants to fill in the blanks.

Implant dentistry procedures can supply patients with new teeth that complete their smiles. While largely cosmetic in function, dental implants have other benefits that patients should consider, such as:

Implants improve hygiene and health

Gaps in a person’s smile can severely affect the remaining teeth. The bone located at the root of the space incrementally reabsorbs material, causing nearby teeth to shift and move towards the space; such awkward teeth formations can make brushing more difficult. By installing an implant over the space, this movement can be stopped.

Implants prevent further procedures

Dental implants can easily replace a single missing tooth without having to affect other teeth. This makes them significantly better than dental bridges, which requires the modification of two adjacent teeth in order to anchor the artificial teeth into a space. Folks who want to keep most of their natural remaining teeth will be served well by implants.

Implants feel more natural vs. dentures

Unlike dentures, which are designed to be easily removable, dental implants are secured via titanium anchors rooted at the jaws of the patient for a rock-solid link. Thus, patients can chew with their implants without fear of loosening the parts. Such links also give implants a more natural look that’s nearly indiscernible from natural teeth.

Although the installation of dental implants is handled by cosmetic dentistry professionals, patients are encouraged to view the procedure as more of a general dentistry process that confers useful benefits (or restores functionality). Implants have a number of features beyond aesthetics that patients are sure to appreciate. Those with missing teeth should seriously consider getting implants in order to enjoy a smile that looks and performs just as well as the real deal.

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