Monday, 30 June 2014

Grandville MI Dentist: Pregnancy at Risk Due to Poor Dental Hygiene

The potential connection between oral health and overall physical well-being isn't an entirely new concept, and research results thus far have been reinforcing this link, a finding that any Grand Rapids dental professional and physician would bolster. Heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and pneumonia are among the most common conditions linked to bad oral hygiene, prompting the dental and medical scientists into a collaboration for further studies.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Experienced Kentwood, MI Dentist: Top Athletes Have Poor Oral Health

Olympians and all other top-caliber athletes are the epitome of the maximum physical potential of the human body. However, while they may have bodies fit for gods, any experienced dentist in Kentwood, MI and other locales would have given them an F in one vital aspect of physical health - oral hygiene.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Emergency Dental Care Tips your Dentist in Wyoming, MI would Recommend

In large Michigan cities like Wyoming, dental emergency can strike just about anywhere, from the sports field to the ice cream shop - whatever may be the case, there is always something that can be done before going to the pros. In short, before you go and call on your trusted Wyoming, MI dentist to fix your toothache or a chipped tooth , there are some first-aid tips on emergency dental care that you might want to try first.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Are Dental Implants Right for You? Read this Article to Find Out!

It can be argued that dental implants are the best treatment that you can get from your favorite dentist. After all, they are permanent, functional, and natural-looking; essentially as close as you’ll ever get to having replacement teeth. That said, dental implants are not for everyone and your dentist needs to have a look at you first before he or she even considers you for the procedure:

You must be healthy enough for the procedure. 


Diseases, in general, make you weaker. Considering that a getting a dental implant is an invasive procedure, being sick is more than enough reason for your dentist to say that you’re not ready for it. Some diseases that automatically make you unsuitable for the procedure are osteoporosis, high blood pressure, and arthritis. Heavy smokers aren’t also qualified for the treatment, although those who drink alcohol can be permitted, depending on how they fare in their medical checkup.

An oral exam is also necessary to determine if you’re healthy enough. If you have weak jawbones, for example, then you shouldn’t undertake a dental implant procedure. Otherwise, your teeth and gums won’t heal fast enough.

You must not be pregnant. 


Most dentists discourage pregnant women from getting dental implants for fear that the strain of the procedure will take a toll on their babies. That said, the procedure can still be viable if these women are in the first few weeks of their pregnancy. Consult with your gynecologist to be absolutely certain.

There may be simpler treatments for you. 


If you simply want one tooth replaced, then it may be more appropriate for you to wear a dental crown rather than go through the entire dental implant procedure. This is also the reason why family dentistry practices offer dentures as well as implants because one procedure may be more suitable than the other.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Apt Adults Must Take Their Kids to Reliable Dentists in Grandville, MI

 A child's dental health is important because if neglected, it may take his or her attention away from more important endeavors, such those mentioned in the article. Supporting that is a study done by researchers at Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC, which showed that children with dental caries have poor academic performance.

This is why it is important for parents and caregivers to train their children to take care of their teeth. Encouraging them to eat nutritious meals and incorporating the use of fluoride into their lifestyle helps a lot. Furthermore, Michigan-based households can enlist the aid of a Grandville family dentistry practice.

Some Ways Cosmetic Dentistry Practices Can Help You Out

As much as you want to have perfect teeth at all times, a lot of things can happen to prevent you from reaching that goal. Bad eating habits, unexpected accidents, or even old age are just some of the reasons why you’ll need cosmetic dentistry at some point in your life. Don’t worry, though, because cosmetic dentists can treat your tooth problems in a variety of ways:

Crowns and Bridges

Although these treatments work differently, dental crowns and bridges are both used to hide damaged or deformed teeth. For cavities, chips, or cracks, you’ll be advised to wear crowns, also known as caps, which are designed to fit over your teeth. If you have missing teeth, on the other hand, you’ll be encouraged to wear bridges instead, or prosthetic teeth joined together by two dental crowns.

Dental Implants

Dental implants can provide you with a more permanent solution to your tooth problems, although they’re also the most expensive and time-consuming. In a way, dental implants are essentially dentures that need to be directly installed into your mouth. Done right, these implants can mimic the aesthetics and function of your natural teeth, without you worrying about them falling off like dentures.

Tooth Whitening

If your teeth have become yellowish or badly stained then you’ll definitely need a teeth whitening procedure. Take note that this procedure is more complex, and more effective, than simply brushing your teeth with a fluoride or special whitening toothpaste. This is because in-office whitening treatments also clean the dentin or inner layer of your teeth, rather than just the enamel or outer layer.

Root Canal Therapies

Tooth cavities can lead to infection if left untreated. If you have this problem, then you’ll be obliged to undergo a root canal therapy so that the dentist can remove the infected pulp from your tooth. Depending on how much damage was done by the infection, you may be required to wear dental crowns or have your tooth replaced altogether with a permanent implant.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Grand Rapids Dental Services Keep Teeth Healthy Despite Rapid Trends

Even if oil pulling is proven to work, it is important for people in Central Michigan to understand that visiting their trusted dentist in Grandville, MI is still a necessity. Dental practices like Metro Dental Associates have the equipment, experience, and knowledge to help keep teeth healthy and to prevent potential dental problems from developing.

It is normal for people to try methods that will supposedly help keep their teeth clean. People must remember, however, to keep a steady correspondence with a reliable dentist to understand and separate fact from fiction. After all, it's better to go with what's been tried and proven effective rather than what hasn't.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Stopping Sleep Apnea through Treatment with a Dentist in Kentwood, MI

Sleep apnea can be bothersome, especially if you live in a house whose air circulation is not up to par. When you're an expectant mom, however, the danger to your child is not to be taken lightly. You must seek sleep apnea therapy solutions right away, with your general dentist in Kentwood, MI as a viable option.

 The danger of sleep apnea may hit rather close to home for Kentwood residents. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute reports at least 12 million Americans are diagnosed with some form of sleep apnea. While the disorder affects more men than women, it can be devastating for mothers who've prepared well for their bundle of joy, thus, warranting corrective action through experienced dental practitioners such as the good people at Metro Dental Associates.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Tapping a Dentist in Wyoming, MI for Elderly Oral Healthcare Support

If you've made great effort to look after an elderly loved one at home, you may notice how hard it is for them to eat and brush their teeth, which requires increased assistance from a dentist.

 Petersen and Yamamoto's thoughts may resonate with seniors in Wyoming, MI. A check of the city's 2010 census data reveals that nine percent of the 72,125-strong population were at least 64 years old and around seven percent of the nearly 27,000 households had sole residents at least 65 years old. When your elderly loved ones have been having difficulty with their oral care, a skilled dentist in Wyoming, MI like Metro Dental Associates' Dr. Jason Dew, DDS, is close at hand to help.