Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Public Should Only Let Professionals Do Teeth Whitening Procedures

A set of pearly white teeth is probably one of the most coveted physical features that everyone wants to have. And who wouldn’t want one of those as it shows complete cleanliness and even gives people an extra boost of self-confidence. Because of this, a lot are turning to a variety of options like going to spas and even buying non-FDA tested products just to have a sparkling smile.

The public should realize that having white teeth is the best sign of a healthy mouth and cannot be achieved without addressing dental issues such as cavities, plaque, and discoloration. No amount of spa treatments or application of possibly dangerous products can result in glistening white teeth that are healthy inside and out. This is the reason why the public should only let dental professionals do teeth whitening procedures on them as they will address underlying oral problems and not just the aesthetic aspects of the mouth.

People should also be aware that whitening is not a one-time procedure and will need to be repeated from time to time to maintain the bright color that patients prefer. This procedure involves the uses of tools that only a qualified dentist is trained to use. More than that, chemicals and whitening products employed are strictly FDA-controlled so that only dental professionals are allowed to use them.

Though cosmetic in nature, this does not mean that the whitening procedure should not address damage that the teeth has sustained over time like the effects of caffeine intake and smoking. This simply means that the process should be undertaken for a greater purpose than beauty and only doctors of dental science are proven to be competent to serve a purpose besides making beautiful smiles.

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